Cindy Kao and Aysha Dulong

Emerge on Main 2022: Spotlight on Rising Musicians

Emerge on Main
feat. Sapphire Haze: Cindy Kao and Aysha Dulong

FOX CABARET | 2321 MAIN STREET | Google map
Doors at 7:00PM | Concert starts at 7:30PM

TICKETS | $32/$15 (regular/student) General admission seating. Ages 19+.


Cindy Kao, violin
Aysha Dulong, electronics

We hope the music will take the audience beyond a listening experience, and that each listener will engage with the sounds in a multi-sensory way.

Sapphire Haze

Discover the sounds of a new generation.

Emerge on Main shines a spotlight on two fast-rising musicians, Cindy Kao (violin) and Aysha Dulong (electronics).

Together they form the duo Sapphire Haze, and they’ve already blown Music on Main audiences away with their mesmerizing piece “Asphyxiation” at the 10th Modulus Festival.

The duo blurs the distinction between acoustic and electronic sounds, and they encourage us to listen with more than just our ears:

We want the audience to engage all of their senses as they listen: touch, taste, smell, vision… We hope the music will take the audience beyond a listening experience to a new place they may have never visited at a sound-centered event.”

Now’s your chance to discover brand new work from Cindy and Aysha as they take the Emerge on Main stage at the Fox Cabaret.

Music on Mainís Emerge on Main 2022 is generously supported by Hamber Foundation.


Sapphire Haze
Pastel Places

Cindy Kao

Sapphire Haze
Gently Catapulted into Nothingness

Aysha Dulong
Standing Still

Sapphire Haze
Seasick Velvet


COVID-19 Health and Safety

Music on Main looks forward to welcoming you back to the Fox Cabaret! In order to safely welcome all music lovers, our safety measures err on the side of caution. We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask. Thank you in advance for helping everyone feel comfortable and safe as we learn to listen together again to live music!