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Indulge your appetite for arts and culture.

With so many exciting arts and culture events happening you can feel overwhelmed. The Music on Main Team is here to help! We’ve carefully chosen a list of wonderful digital and live events to discover and experience. Whether you’re looking for a theatrical diversion or a blockbuster art show, some new dance or a classical concerto, our recommendations is a list of must-see events whenever you’re looking for a hit of culture. Make sure to check back often, as we are always scouting fun events that we think you’ll love!

Our Recommendations are must-see events, some from our Vancouver home base and a few from across the globe that we think you’ll enjoy. We’re your trusted source that you’ll want to come back to every time you’re looking for something new and exciting to discover. If you’re looking for only Music on Main events check here.

A YEAR OF BLESSINGS A Five Blessings Collective Production

Take a break from the screens and let your children embark on a playful adventure with our A Year of Blessings free audio play series. Join the fun and entertaining stories of Bunnifer and Bunnithy, Little Shrimp, and others as they celebrate major Chinese festivals and explore cultural traditions.

Five Blessings is composed of five Chinese Canadian artists from disciplines spanning theatre, sound and music, movement and performance. They are Nancy Tam, Derek Chan, Robyn Jacob, Jasmine Chen, and Howard Dai; five first and second generation Hong Kong and Taiwanese settlers to Turtle Island. Their work celebrates the complexities found within stories and traditions from the Chinese diaspora through songs, audio plays, film, and stage works. They are the creators of Double Happiness which includes the multimedia song cycle “Detour This Way”, and its companion short film A Little Detour. www.happinesshappiness.ca

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Vancouver Erhu Quartet

The Vancouver Erhu Quartet takes advantage of Canada’s multicultural environment to explore the combination of eastern and western bowed strings, as well as diverse influences from collaborating composers. This concert will present the world premiere of newly commissioned works by Canadian composers Moshe Denburg, Amir Eslami, Elizabeth Knudson, and Yawen Wang:

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