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With so many exciting arts and culture events happening you can feel overwhelmed. The Music on Main Team is here to help! We’ve carefully chosen a list of wonderful digital and live events to discover and experience. Whether you’re looking for a theatrical diversion or a blockbuster art show, some new dance or a classical concerto, our recommendations is a list of must-see events whenever you’re looking for a hit of culture. Make sure to check back often, as we are always scouting fun events that we think you’ll love!

Our Recommendations are must-see events, some from our Vancouver home base and a few from across the globe that we think you’ll enjoy. We’re your trusted source that you’ll want to come back to every time you’re looking for something new and exciting to discover. If you’re looking for only Music on Main events check here.

VIFF: The Taste of Things

Thirty years after his debut feature The Scent of Green Papaya won the Camera d’or at Cannes, Tran Anh Hùng won the Best Director prize at this year’s festival with another delectable movie destined to join Babette’s Feast, Chocolat and Big Night on those lists of great foodie films. The Taste of Things (formerly The Pot-au-Feu) s so beautifully composed you can almost taste it: the mise-en-scene evokes Impressionist paintings, but the camera is agile and alive to the energy and dynamics of the kitchen. And for all its attention to process, the film reveals that this is itself a sublime consummation.

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Vancouver New Music presents Afrorack

Presented in partnership with Red Gate Arts Society

w/ Adam 2, Goo and Jacob Audrey Taves
Brian Bamanya (aka Afrorack) takes modular synths in an entirely new direction with his DIY Afrorack synth, which he built by hand after patiently scouring computer repair shops in his hometown of Kampala, Uganda in 2018.

A free workshop with Brian Bamanya (Afrorack) will take place on April 19. Space is limited; registration required. Registration details TBA.

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Early Music Vancouver presents The Tallis Scholars

The two halves of this Easter program are linked by the idea of the earthquake, which traditionally occurred in the story of the Crucifixion. David Lang originally wrote sun-centered to accompany Antoine Brumel’s Earthquake Mass. He decided to focus on Galileo’s battle with the church authorities over whether the earth revolves around the sun, or vice versa, carrying into this narrative the fragility of human existence. In his Easter Propers, sung at the end of the second half of our concert, Byrd homes in on this fragility, taking up the reality of an earthquake in the motet Terra tremuit where, in no more than a minute, he depicts in music the terror of it. Lang’s music is divided into five movements, as are the Byrd Propers. Around these two sets the story of Lent unfolds, partly with extracts from the Lamentations (by Robert White and Nico Muhly), and partly with Whitacre’s beautiful vision of an angel in the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, hinting at the resurrection. Then Byrd presents the Easter story in all its hope, ending each movement with ringing ‘Alleluias’.

Generously Sponsored by The Graham and Gayle Cooke Foundation

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WETLAND PROJECT, slow radio broadcast

Celebrate Earth Day 2024 with the eighth annual Wetland Project slow radio broadcast on Monday, April 22. Connect with the circadian rhythm of the ṮEḴTEḴSEN marsh on Saturna Island. The sounds of birds, frogs, insects and airplanes take over the airwaves for this twenty-four-hour experience in “slow radio” created by artists Brady Marks and Mark Timmings. Tune in via participating radio stations or stream the soundscape anytime in sync with your local time from anywhere in the world. Tweet and Toot to add your voice to the lively conversation on the interactive online stream.

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VIFF: Chicken for Linda

Husband and wife duo Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach (The Girl Without Hands) evoke the freewheeling farcical slapstick spirit of Jacques Tati and the palette of Henri Matisse in this unexpected gem. The fluid, free-flowing 2D, hand-drawn animation style sparkles with the filmmakers’ imaginative use of colour, and the movie gently slips and slides from wry observational comedy towards magical realism, with a glorious climax involving hapless cops, a loose (live) chicken, and assorted wardrobe items all stuck in the branches of a tree…

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Plastic Orchid Factory: GRAND SAUT

GRAND SAUT produced by Victor Vân Tran / Savage Rock [MST Territories] comprises three distinct dance choreographies developed over three years of intensive dance study and experimentation. It explores new methods for translating street, club and social dance experience onto the stage.

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