Zubin Kanga looking to the side.

SHOW(ti)ME: Zubin Kanga

SHOW(ti)ME: Zubin Kanga

ANNEX | 823 SEYMOUR STREET | Google map
Doors at 7:00PM | Concert starts at 7:30PM

Zubin Kanga, piano

Single Tickets Pay-What-You-Will | $19-$72


Kanga is an equally exciting pianist, effortlessly virtuosic and in complete command of this (quite literally) electrifying modern repertoire.

Limelight Magazine

Zubin Kanga is “not afraid to explore conceptual and expressive horizons well beyond the boundaries of a traditional piano recital.” (Limelight Magazine)

Audiences won’t want to miss London-based pianist, composer, and technologist Zubin Kanga when he plays electrifying music by some of the hottest names of the global new music world: Alexander SchubertLaura BowlerLuke Nickel, and Zubin Kanga himself.

How does a pianist “play the internet”? Alexander Schubert’s WIKI-PIANO.NET is a hilarious and curious challenge that pairs piano, spoken instructions, and an internet score that can change at any time.

Laura Bowler’s SHOW(ti)ME investigates our physical and virtual selves. Over the course of the piece, you’ll witness an explosive magnification of the minutia of being a pianist, contorted through a collage of multimedia.

In Luke Nickel’s hhiiddeenn vvoorrttiicceess, simulated roller coaster velocities become metronomic pulsations passing through wireless connections to small vibrating watches cueing a pianist to press keys that hit hammers on strings. It’s a wild – and fun! – ride.

And Zubin Kanga’s Metamemory is a dialogue between his real and artificial music memories, using a neural network created from Kanga’s own past to create music that is both monstrous and strangely beautiful.

Enter an evocative sound-world that will take you beyond anything that one can imagine.


Alexander Schubert
   WIKI-PIANO.NET (Canadian premiere)

Luke Nickel
   hhiiddeenn vvoorrttiicceess (Canadian premiere)

Zubin Kanga
   Metamemory (Canadian premiere)

Laura Bowler
   SHOW(ti)ME (Canadian premiere)


Venue Sponsor: Downtown Van (The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association)

Fazioli Grand Piano provided by Showcase Pianos.