Robyn Jacob & Nancy Tam, Double Happiness

Double Happiness: Detour This Way

Nancy Tam & Robyn Jacob’s Double Happiness: Detour This Way

NOVEMBER 3-6 & 9-12, 2022 | 8:00PM
NOVEMBER 5, 6, & 12, 2022 | 2:00PM
LEFT OF MAIN | 211 KEEFER STREET (2nd Floor, stair access only) | Google Map
Doors open 30 mins prior to performance.

SOLD OUT! Thank you for the support!

Nancy Tam
Robyn Jacob
Emily M Cheung
Kristin Fung
Molly MacKinnon
Kevin Romain
Emma Postl
Jeff Gammon

Jasmine Chen*
Angela Chu*


We are facing forward, looking back.

Nancy Tam and Robyn Jacob

“The sweeping melodies, multilayered harmonies, and resonant imagery swept the audience into a sonic journey.” (Fete Chinoise)

Double Happiness: Detour This Way tells the personal and communal stories of Chinese
migration to Vancouver. Featuring 13 original songs by Nancy Tam and Only A Visitor’s Robyn
Jacob, Double Happiness braids history with an art-pop aesthetic, weaving live music, sound
design, and video vignettes with generations of stories.

Here’s your chance to connect deeply with the optimism and complexity of new beginnings.

Discover More On Double Happiness: Detour This Way by Nancy Tam.

Direction, and sound design by Nancy Tam
Songs composed by Nancy Tam & Robyn Jacob
Recorded images Designed by Josh Hite
Props design by Stephanie Elgersma
Set design by Shizuka Kai
Lighting design by Jamie Sweeney
Movement dramaturgy by Giselle Liu
Translations and text dramaturgy by Derek Chan
Brochure image photographed by Daniel O’Shea

A Nancy Tam and Robyn Jacob Production.

Produced in association with Music on Main, Neworld Theatre, Plastic Orchid Factory, and re:Naissance Opera.

Venue Support: Left of Main

*The participation of Jasmine Chen and Angela Chu are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

A note about mask wearing.
With the proximity of the audience to the artists, masks are mandatory at Double Happiness: Detour This Way.