Dory Hayley

Morton Feldman’s “Three Voices”

Dory Hayley sings Morton Feldman’s Three Voices

NOVEMBER 6,  2022
Doors at 7PM | Concert starts at 7:30PM (PDT)


Dory Hayley, vocals



A legendary Minimalist masterpiece.
A rare, live performance of lingering beauty.

Listening to Morton Feldman’s Three Voices is like being suspended in time. With its seamless blending of a soprano singing live with two pre-recorded tracks of her own voice, the music feels at once conversational and holy.

It’s a legendary piece of Minimalism from 1982 that, forty years later, continues to resonate with its quiet beauty.

Soprano Dory Hayley is a leading voice in Canada’s contemporary and experimental music scene. Her interpretation of Three Voices is hypnotizing. Throughout the 67 minutes of lingering, meditative sound, you sense the power of her body as vocal instrument, and you feel grounded in your own.

It’s a rare chance to be totally enveloped in simple, quietly affecting music.

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