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Wednesday, March 9, 2022 | 7:30 PM Alfredo Santa Ana’s “Ye Elves”

Digital Salons: Alfredo Santa Ana’s “Ye elves”

ZOOM: MUSIC & CONVERSATION | Online event starts at 7:30 PM (PST)

Alfredo Santa Ana, composer
The Tempest Project Company

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The combination of voice and electric guitar paired with cello and flute is something we can be very orchestrational about and very technical and academic, or we can just get together and play loud music and have a lot of fun. I think I went down that direction.

Alfredo Santa Ana composer

Discover what goes into commissioning new music.

Relive (or watch for the very first time) the world premiere of Alfredo Santa Ana‘s new work “Ye elves” for “The Tempest Project,” an immersive full-length production that Music on Main will present in 2024. This energetic and though-provoking piece was performed at the Closing Night of the 10th Modulus Festival by the Tempest Project Company, featuring Julia Ulehla, vocals; Paolo Bortolussi, flute; Aram Bajakian, guitar; Saina Khaledi, santour; Dailin Hsieh, zheng; Julia Chien, percussion; Jonathan Lo, cello; Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano; and John Korsrud, conductor.

Following the video, join Alfredo in conversation with Artistic Director David Pay as they talk about “The Tempest Project” and commissioning new music for different contexts.

This live one-time only event is your chance to listen to great music together and be a part of engaging music-making conversations. We welcome audience questions and participation at this event.