Saina Khaledi, As dreams are made

Saina Khaledi

Saina Khaledi was the winner of the Iranian Santour Festival in 2003. Saina received her diploma from Iran’s most prestigious music school, the Tehran Music Conservatoire. She continued her studies and graduated in Music (Bachelor of Arts) from the Tehran Music University in 2007.

Saina has performed in Iran, Austria, Japan, Netherlands, USA and Canada often as a composer, soloist or with groups such as Vashaan Ensemble, Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra (VICO), BC Chinese Music Ensemble (BCCME), Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO), the National Orchestra of Iran Conservatoire, Mellal Orchestral, Hamnavazan Ensemble, and Music on Main where she is a member of The Tempest Project Company.

She currently teaches Santour at Capilano University, Persian Culture and art institute (Percai) as well as private lessons.


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