Sawdust Collector

Sawdust Collector

Sawdust Collector creates curated performances by Barbara Adler, Cole Schmidt, and James Meger.

Sawdust Collector is the curatorial & producing collective of artists Barbara Adler, Cole Schmidt and James Meger.

Dedicated to programming experimental yet accessible interdisciplinary events in Vancouver, Sawdust Collector has produced over eighty shows since its inception in September 2016, including an intimate weekly series at the Gold Saucer Studio and showcase events at The Wise Hall, China Cloud and Red Gate Revue Stage. Regular programming includes a biannual New Works residency, Guest Curators and concert presentations featuring improvised and creative music, contemporary dance, film, theatre, literary arts and new media performance.

By bringing together established and emerging local and touring artists across genres and disciplines, Sawdust Collector works to ignite relationships between audiences and artistic communities, with a special focus on mentorship, collaboration and cross-disciplinary discourse.
Past artists include: Kokoro Dance, Horsepowar, Darius Jones, Kate Franklin, Peggy Lee’s Film in Music and Echo Painting, Lesley Telford, Giorgio Magnanensi, Michael Schumacher, Mina Shum, Inhabitants, Lucien Durey, Leah Abramson, TJ Dawe, Alex Mackenzie and Talking Pictures.


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