About The Tempest Project

Music on Main’s The Tempest Project is a poetic response to our current moment of global challenge and change.  A musically and theatrically audacious production inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” The Tempest Project features composers, musicians, designers, and theatre-makers, brought together under the direction of David Pay.

During a multi-year development process, The Tempest Project Company has explored universal themes of mercy, redemption, empathy, betrayal, and forgiveness.  We’ve dug into magic and sleight of hand.  We’ve improvised musical arrangements, danced, and become friends.

As we prepare for the first production of The Tempest Project at the Vancouver Playhouse in July 2024, we’re creating an artistic adventure where the audience is invited to experience the theatre as they never have before.  You’ll hear music onstage and explore backstage.  You’ll discover parts of the theatre you’ve never seen, and hear music in unexpected places.

Filled with magic and surprise, The Tempest Project will leave audiences with a renewed sense of hope in these complicated times.

Royal Bank of Canada is this project’s Presenting Sponsor.

The Tempest Project
July 17-22, 2024
Vancouver Playhouse

Introducing, The Tempest Project Company:

Blakc and white, Aram Bajakian playing the guitar and looking off to the side
Aram Bajakian, guitar, oud
Paolo Bortolussi, in a red shirt and black pants, holding his flute while sitting on a bench in front of a window
Paolo Bortolussi, flute
Julia Chien in a purple shirt holding two mallets and playing the drums
Julia Chien, perucssion
Dailin Hsieh in a dress with grey and orange planes, playing the zheng.
Dailin Hsieh, zheng
Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, machine think love
Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano
Saina Khaledi, sitting at her santour in a black outfit for As dreams are made
Saina Kahledi, santour
Jonathan Lo in a blue suit sitting behind his cello, looking up.
Jonathan Lo, cello
Julia Ulehla sitting on a carpet with microphones, singing in front of red curtains
Julia Ulehla, vocals

The Tempest Project Company

Julia Ulehla, vocals; Paolo Bortolussi, flute; Aram Bajakian, guitar; Saina Khaledi, santour & composer; Dailin Hsieh, zheng; Julia Chien, percussion; Jonathan Lo, cello; Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano; Nancy Tam, composer; Alfredo Santa Ana, composer; David Pay, director; Shayna Goldberg; artistic producer; Melanie Yeats, dramaturg; Alexis Douglas, production manager.

Additional composers, technicians, and performers will be added to The Tempest Project Company. The Tempest Project is conceived by David Pay.