SHOPTALK hosted by Grunt Gallery

SHOPTALK hosted by Grunt Gallery

GRUNT GALLERY | 116-350 EAST 2ND AVENUE | Google map
Event at 5:00 PM

Free! All ages welcome. An event geared to artists.

This season, Theatre Replacement and The Chop have partnered up with Music On Main and grunt gallery to continue our series of candid discussions with artists from here and across Canada. Together we’re investigating some of the issues that come up between us and our various disciplines; what issues can we all talk about? And where are the places that we all get stuck, or revel in, or persist?

This, our second talk of the series, investigates trust as an artistic commodity.  As artists experiment with duration, site-specificity, process and participation, ideas of sociability and engagement have become central to many aspects of contemporary practice. Outside the traditional confines of the white cube or the black box, these new frameworks depend on connectivity as a component of creative success, and trust– that basic element of human connection– underlies it all.

Visual artist Zoe Kreye, performance maker Caroline Liffmann and theatre artist Andrew Laurenson will talk through some of their current projects and the role that trust plays in the development of their work.