One Night Stand: Nicole Lizée, A Month of Tuesdays 2018

One Night Stand: Nicole Lizée

One Night Stand: Nicole Lizée

FOX CABARET | 2321 MAIN STREET | Google map
Doors at 7:00PM | Concert starts at 8:00 PM

Nicole Lizée, composer & performer
Steve Raegele, guitar
Ben Reimer, percussion
Rebecca Whitling, violin
Tawnya Popoff, viola
Rebecca Wenham, cello

TICKETS | $29/$10 (regular/student) General admission seating. Ages 19+. Available as part of a Pick-3 Ticket Pack, a Pick-6 Ticket Pack, or A Month of Tuesdays Pass.

…a pioneer in reconciling turntablism and classical music, and beyond that shotgun marriage, she betrays a rich imagination and appreciation of the lowbrow and pop.

Montreal Mirror

Spend a memorable night getting to know a unique Canadian musical voice, Music on Main’s Composer in Residence Nicole Lizée, and her psychedelic-surrealist band SaskPWR, featuring Steve Raegele (guitar) and Ben Reimer (percussion) as well as special guests Rebecca Whitling (violin), Tawnya Popoff (viola), and Rebecca Wenham (cello). This concert includes a performance of Katana of Choice by Ben Reimer, a drum solo tour de force.

Lizée is an eclectic artist, with an inspired repertoire of influences: early MTV, turntable music, the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock and much more. Intellectually stimulating and musically playful, this concert will be sure kick your spring up a notch.

From Hitchcock, to Kubrick, to Tarantino – this is a programme unlike no other. Nicole’s band SaskPWR will also be hitting the stage for a rarely seen performance. Don’t miss out!



Katana of Choice (2017)
Drum solo performed by Ben Reimer

Suite from Sasktronica (2017)
Pictionary Night
Power vs Tel
The 306 (My Heart’s in Regina)

The Criterion Collection (2010-2017)
Cubist Television
Solfège 101
A Clowder of Nuns
Le Tombeau de Leland
Schoolhouse Étude
Tape Music/Clapping Music
Make-Out Music
HAL’s Requiem (My Mind is Going)
Baroness Plays Ball – 666
Carpal Tunnels
Big Wheel Étude
Esteban (Basso Continuo)
redruM Étude
Scherzo Suicidio