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Modulus Free Sunday Afternoon Concert

Modulus Free Sunday Afternoon Concert


Express Your Voice Choir
DB Boyko, conductor
Music on Main’s Community Cyclists

Don’t miss this free afternoon concert featuring Drones/Revelations from composer Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre).

15 cyclists with glowing tires circle a darkened room, each carrying their own boom box filled with Parry’s score. Inspired by the Book of Revelations and the approaching reality of the military using pilotless drone planes, Drones/Revelations promises an unforgettable experience in the historic Exhibition Hall.

You’ll also discover the Express Your Voice Choir. Led by the inimitable DB Boyko, this choir of adventurous seniors tells stories through virtuosic displays of avant-garde singing, smashing through generational stereotypes, and exciting audiences of all ages.


Set One

Express Your Voice Choir
DB Boyko, Director

Terezita Garcia; Kurt Girscher; Sylvia Kwong; Donna Lytle; Laurel Radley; Shirley Sung; Kaz Takahashi; Farzan Vahidchehr

Set Two

By Richard Reed Parry

…and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, “Come and see”.
-Revelation 6:1 KJV

Directed by Kristen Roos

Drones/Revelations is a multi-channel moving surround sound composition for synthesizer, choir, string ensemble, choir and french horn. It’s primary inspiration is the military’s increasing use of pilotless drone planes (UAV’s/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and contains sung text taken from the King James’ Book of Revelation.

Video footage of UAV’s launching actual attacks, or aftermath of drone strikes remains mostly unavailable to and unseen by the general public, and yet militaries around the world are investing increasingly huge amounts money into the development and proliferating use of this most covert and terrifying of technologies.

Drones/Revelations is performed as a 25 minute choreography by a large group of bicyclists in a dark room with speakers mounted on each bicycle; each speaker broadcasting a different element of the composition as they ride, encircling the audience.

Written, arranged and recorded by Richard Reed Parry
Additional string writing/arrangement by Marika Anthony Shaw

Performers (Recording):
Richard Reed Parry: voice, synthesizer, guitar, drums, programming
Genneah Turner: narrator
Marika Anthony-Shaw: viola
Pietro Amato: french horn
Choir: Sarah Albu; Charlotte Cornfield; Marie-Claire Durand; Géraldine Eguiluz; Isak Goldschneider; Eran Houja; Etienne Lebel; Jozef Racek; Malcolm Sailor; Jake Smith

Choir and french horn recorded by Mark Lawson

Music on Main Community Cyclists: Kiri Dwyer; Torey Hampson; Judi Hess; Madeline Hope; Mike Joy; Aron Kim; Marie Lopes; Ellen Marple; Hailey McCarthy; Dean Mercer; David Pay; Alfredo Santa Ana

The 2012 Modulus Festival is generously sponsored by Bryan Price.