Stellaria singing behind Ariel Barnes, who is playing the cello

Into Paradise

Into Paradise

Doors at 6:30PM | Concert starts at 7:00PM

Ariel Barnes, cello
Derrick Christian, Artistic Director
Madeline Lucy Smith, Manager
Siri Olesen, Madeline Lucy Smith, sopranos
Fabiana Katz, Karen Elizabeth Mang, altos
Carman J. Price, C.D. Saint, tenors
Steven Bélanger, Derrick Christian, basses

TICKETS | $25/$15  (regular/student) General admission seating. All ages welcome.
Festival Pass: Hear all 7 concerts for an amazing low price | Just $99! ($49 students)

A soul-lifting concert of beautiful music for voices and cello.

Witness the Canadian premiere of Caroline Shaw’s unforgettable “Passacaglia” from her 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning piece, and experience Jocelyn Morlock’s haunting “Exaudi” for choir and cello.

Also on the programme, Thomas Tallis’ 6-voice motet “in manus tuas” and Caroline Shaw’s solo cello piece inspired by the Tallis.

The 2013 Modulus Festival is generously sponsored by Bryan Price.


Passacaglia (2009)
from Partita, Canadian premiere
Caroline Shaw (b. 1982)

Baisés moy
Josquin des Prez (c. 1450–1521)
“Kiss me, my sweetheart, for love’s sake, I beg you.” – “I won’t!” – “But why?” – “If I did something silly, my mother would die of it, that’s why!”

N’esse pas un grant
Josquin des Prez
Isn’t it a great displeasure, when I dare not for my pleasure, for my good and my health, do with my own what I want, even if I have no other desire?

Ultimi miei sospiri
Philippe Verdelot (c. 1475–1552)
My last sighs leave me cold without life. Count my martyrdoms to the one who sees me and does not help me. And speak, O infinite beauty, that your faithful one may be spared pitiless suffering and if this is pleasing to her, go swiftly to heaven to a better state, but if your words arouse her pity, return to me because I do not want to die.

Je ne scay pas comment
Nicolas Gombert (c. 1495–1560)
I do not know how in my mind I could love you more. My heart has goodness again, there is nothing else I need, now that I have your forgiveness.

In manus tuas Domine
Thomas Tallis (1505–1585)
Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. You have redeemed me, O Lord, O God of truth.

In manus tuas (2009) Canadian debut
Caroline Shaw (b. 1982)

Italia mia, ben ch’el parlar’
Philippe Verdelot
Italy, although speech does not aid those mortal wounds, so many of which I see in your lovely body, I wish at least my sighs to be such as the Tiber and Arno hope for, and the Po, where I now sit sorrowful and sad. Ruler of Heaven, I beg that the mercy that made you come to earth may now make you turn to your beloved, holy country. See, noble Lord, from what trivial causes comes such cruel war; the hearts that proud fierce Mars makes hard and closed, Father, do open and soften and free. Cause your truth (though I am unworthy) to be heard there through my tongue.

Exaudi (2004)
Jocelyn Morlock (b.1969)

Hear my prayer, for unto you all flesh shall come. May angels lead you into Paradise. At your coming may martyrs receive you,and may they lead you into the Holy City, Jerusalem. May the chorus of angels receive you, and with Lazarus, who once was a pauper, may you have eternal rest.