Graveyards and Gardens: On Demand

Graveyards and Gardens
Streaming March 18-23, 2021


Caroline Shaw, composer & recorded sound
Vanessa Goodman, choreographer

This pay-per-view performance will be broadcast in 4K high-definition video.
For an enhanced audio experience, please use headphones.
Access the Music on Main Listening Guide: Graveyards Listening Guide
Once you purchase your tickets, you’ll receive a private video link by email that will be accessible at the time of the performance.

…nothing has struck my soul quite like this did. From the actual piece (and dazzling artistry) to how it was captured and shared, there was not a single moment that wasn’t perfect.

Audience Member

Graveyards and Gardens: On Demand

When Vanessa Goodman and Caroline Shaw’s “Graveyards and Gardens” received its livestream world premiere in January 2021, audiences and critics were unanimous: this new collaboration is visually and sonically mesmerizing.

The performance takes place among 400 feet of orange sound cables and an arrangement of plants—nature and technology being another synthesis the artists explore. Things begin with a long passage featuring an array of sounds—some come from tape decks, some from a record player, some from old Edison wax recordings.

And the buzz and rave reviews for “Graveyards and Gardens” continue.

This is the BEST thing I’ve seen so far during COVID-19.
     —livestream audience member

Following four live performances that were livestreamed in high-definition to audiences around the world, Music on Main shares “Graveyards and Gardens: On Demand.”

Discover unique details and perspectives through this immersive, multi-camera, 4K high-definition broadcast.

The 52-minute performance is filled with Caroline’s joyous, fresh melodies and body-swaying beats alongside found sounds, old recordings, and the energizing rush of Vanessa’s vivid and ethereal movement.

Whether you experience the performance again or for the very first time, this on-demand performance gives you access to a private link for six full days: you can watch and listen at your leisure. Plus, you’ll receive complimentary access to the full artist talkback. Recorded January 28, this video chat between Caroline, Vanessa, and Peter Dickinson  gives an insider’s perspective on the artists’ intent and creative process.

Performance team: 

Conception, Creation and Performance: Vanessa Goodman and Caroline Shaw 
Audio Design: Eric Chad and Kate De Lorme 
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot 
Stage and Costume Design: Vanessa Goodman and Caroline Shaw 
Production Management: Taylor Janzen 
Orange Cable: Ira Jordison 
Technical Director: Levi Pease

Film Team: 
Collide Entertainment
Producer: Joanna Dundas 
Technical Director and Editor: Mike Southworth
Gimbal Operator: Paul Watt
Camera Operator: Aaron Nathanson

Co-produced by Vanessa Goodman & Caroline Shaw
Presented by Music on Main as a PuSh Partner presentation.
Co-commissioning partners Music on Main and The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Created with the generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, Lēna, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Action at a Distance, SFU Woodwards, The Scotiabank Dance Centre, and CCOV.

This presentation has received generous support from:
Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA), Jim and Lisa Peers, David Cousins, and an anonymous sponsor.

The binaural audio experience of “Graveyards and Gardens: On Demand” is best experienced using headphones.

Listening. Together.

Music on Main’s 15th Season celebrates the outstanding artists, communities, and music we’ve experienced together over the years. Listening together has always been our deepest purpose, and continues to drive all that we do, especially in challenging times like these.

Music on Main Listening Guide: Graveyards and Gardens

What’s a Listening Guide? This listening guide is based on Music on Main’s goal to create informal, intimate experiences of great music and great musicians with our audience – music that brings us together. The suggestions and activities in this listening guide are designed to spark conversation about the piece – the same kinds of conversations that generally take place before and after live performances at Music on Main.

Knowing that everyone experiences art differently, the guide includes two sections: one for children and youth, the other for adult audiences. Feel free to mix and match from both to create the experience that is best for you!

The guide is designed for a shared experience, but also has tips to use if you’re watching solo. If you’re watching Graveyards and Gardens with a group, set a time to meet on a video or phone call, and make sure each household has purchased their ticket.

More reasons of why you should stream Graveyards and Gardens: On Demand

Press reviews are in…
“an electrically atmospheric new sound-and-dance work that hits the rare sweet spot between experimental and accessible.” – Janet Smith, Stir

“…it left me pondering the cycle of life, the history and evolution of music, and the entire process of artistic creation. All in less than an hour.” – Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight

“The creativity and fearless way in which Shaw and Goodman tell this tale of life growing and life dying is mesmerizing.”Entertainment Vancouver

Audience members have shared…
“…nothing has struck my soul quite like this did. From the actual piece (and dazzling artistry) to how it was captured and shared, there was not a single moment that wasn’t perfect.”

“Wow!!! This is the BEST thing I’ve seen so far during COVID-19. Huge kudos.”

The entire experience was stunning. It was riveting to watch and listen to this incredible work.

Beautiful, intelligent, brave exploration of sound and movement.

“It was a great show! It was very satisfying artistically and I was quite impressed with the technical aspects of multi-angle camera work with live transmission!”