Festivals for Compassion: Mark Takeshi McGregor

Festivals for Compassion: Mark Takeshi McGregor


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Music festivals throughout Europe have been expressing their solidarity by presenting a new, solo composition “Thin Air” by the Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki. Calliope wrote the piece earlier this year, and has gifted it to ensembles, artists, and presenters to make their own in these uniquely challenging times for the world. Each presenter selects their own artist and instrument to represent the piece. The work saw its premiere on Dutch NPO Radio 4 on June 20, and has been making the rounds of Europe ever since, with each performance being captured and shared online. Just like a relay race of compassion, the piece has begun a journey that’s global in scope. The notes are the same, but each interpretation is beautiful and unique.

We’re thrilled to announce Music on Main had the opportunity to bring this festival to our Vancouver “home” and make a performance with Vancouver-based flautist, Mark Takeshi McGregor.

Mark says “…in one part of the piece I’m singing along with the flute and I’m creating almost like a rock guitar kind of energy. It really amplifies the power of the piece.

Projects like Festivals for Compassion shine a light on a bright future where an expression of universal human feeling of compassion, independent of political, religious, or cultural ends, can coexist.