John Oswald

Dances for a Small Stage 31

Dances for a Small Stage 31

OCTOBER 23-25, 2014
Doors at 7:00 PM | Concert at 8:00 PM

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General Admission seating. All ages welcome.

Billy Marchenski, host
Karissa Barry, choreographer
Makaila Wallace, dancer
Stewart Iguidez, choreographer & dancer
Vanessa Goodman, choreographer & dancer
Holly Small, choreographer & dancer
Sean Ling, dancer
John Oswald, composer
Cecilia String Quartet

MovEnt teams up with the Modulus Festival for the 31st edition of Dances for a Small Stage.

One of Vancouver’s funnest cultural events, Dances for a Small Stage showcases dance in a completely unconventional venue, with an intimate cocktail lounge/cabaret atmosphere, and a ridiculously small stage.  With drinks in hand — and perogies and kielbasa on the tables — audiences sit back, relax, and are wildly entertained by contemporary dance performed in an exhilarating, hip environment.

The first half of this live music and dance programme features Canada’s internationally celebrated Cecilia String Quartet performing Tchaikovsky’s lush and romantic String Quartet No.1.  Each movement is choreographed by a different dance artist, with styles ranging from contemporary to urban to physical theatre.

Then legendary composer, provocateur, and plunderphonics inventor John Oswald makes a rare Vancouver appearance. He’s assembling and creating music for the second half and inviting Toronto’s Holly Small to create dance and movement.

Dances for a Small Stage is one of the funnest nights you can have in Vancouver. Don’t miss the chance to experience it with live music.

The 2014 Modulus Festival is generously sponsored by Bryan Price.


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
   String Quartet N0.1 in D Major, Op.11
      Moderato e semplice
      Choreographer & Performer: Billy Marchenski Dramaturge: Ali Denham & thetiny

      Andante cantabile
      Choreographer: Karissa Barry Performer: Makalla Wallace

      Scherzo. Allegro non tanto e con fuoco
      Choreographer & Performer: Stewart Iguidez

      Finale. Allegro giusto
      Choreographer & Performer: Vanessa Goodman Costume: Deborah Beaulieu

John Oswald (born 1953)
    ariavox (2014) / panorama (2012)
    Following a suggestion by Holly Small, Jessica Runge improvises to John Oswald’s ‘Aria’, a transcription by Ernest Cholakis of Glenn Gould’s 1981 performance of the Goldberg Aria, with an exact  transcription of Gould’s accompanying vocalizations performed by Christopher Butterfield; …which segues into Jessica performing Oswald’s choreography set to a piano transcription of Reginald Godden’s panoramic survey of the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach.

preLieu (1991)
The Cecilia String Quartet performs John Oswald’s composition based on the danza tedesca movement of Beethoven’s B-flat Major quartet.
Page turners Vanessa Goodman, Jessica Runge, Holly Small.

   short attack (1990)
Choreographed and performed by Holly Small.
Music composed by Small. Recording arranged and produced by Oswald.

   fabulous stupid (2011)
Vanessa Goodman, Sean Ling and Jessica Runge perform Small’s choreography to Oswald’s 1982 remix of Dick Hyman’s S’posin’ (1963) with vocals by the Bayaka Pygmies of west Central Africa.

   ground (2014)
Video by Oswald in Small’s garden, late winter, early spring or fall.

 Remember Vienna (1984 / 2014)
Vanessa Goodman dances Small’s choreography to Oswald’s Bell Speeds (8 octaves of a pealing bell the size of a pea).

   paused on the threshold (2014)
Video by John Oswald.

    aparadiant (2009 / 2014)
Sean Ling and Jessica Runge perform an excerpt from Radiant Choreographed by Small to Oswald’s aparathesi (2001-03).

    angle (2014)
Stewart Iguidez choreographs and performs to Oswald’s 1990 plunderphonic rearrangement of a 1958 hit by Curtis Lee.

   ariature / panorama (2007)
Following a suggestion by John Oswald, Sean Ling improvises to Oswald’s Ariature (2001) an orchestration of the Goldberg Aria with Glenn Gould’s vocalizations recreated by Christopher Butterfield and   his brother Benjamin; …which segues into Sean performing Oswald’s choreography set to his orchestration originally commissioned by the National Ballet of Canada for The Idea of This.

(And did we mention the perogies?)

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