Beledrone + Modulus at the Movies

Beledrone + Modulus at the Movies

Doors at 5:30 PM | Concert at 6:30 PM | Film screening at 8:00 PM

Ann Hepper, reyong/pots or horizontal gongs
Jack Adams, reyong
Wendy Chen, ponggang/pots
June Lam, gongs
Michelle Cormier, ceng-ceng/hand-held cymbals
Elliot Vaughan, ceng-ceng and viola
James Whale, ceng-ceng
Edward MacIlwaine, bagpipe
Michael O’Neill, bagpipe
Beverly Dobrinsky, voice – mezzo-soprano
Fabiana Katz, voice – mezzo-soprano

TICKETS $25/$10 (regular/student)
DOXA Film Screening Only: $10, at door only


[Lou Harrison: A World of Music] engagingly pays homage to a composer who remains perhaps the most warmly accessible figure in the American musical avant-garde…The delight he imparted as composer and person is amply felt.


Witness the first complete procession performance of Michael O’Neill’s Beledrone, an ambitious and exciting project comprised of seven intercultural works. Combining the earthy and ethereal sounds of Balinese gamelan beleganjur drums, bagpipes, gongs, cymbals, viola, and Ukrainian bilij holos singing, the series has been in development for the last five years. The music is rooted in the cultural connection between beleganjur and bagpipes, both prominently used in traditional rituals, also incorporating poetry by Gerry Gilbert.

Then join us for Eva Soltes’ joyous celebration of a legendary composer with a screening of Lou Harrison: A World of Music, presented with our friends at DOXA.

The Modulus Festival is generously sponsored by Christine Choi and Bryan Price.


Beledrone I, II, III, gamelan and bagpipes
Beledrone IV, gamelan, bagpipes, and voices
Beledrone V, gamelan and bagpipes
Beledrone VI, gamelan, bagpipes (with extensions), voices, chorus, stones (ceng-ceng players)
Beledrone VII, gamelan (with extra gongs), bagpipes, voices, chorus, viola (ceng-ceng player), stones

8:00pm Lou Harrison: A World of Music 

a film by Eva Soltes
92 minutes

Lou Harrison is widely considered to be one of the great American composers. During his expansive and encompassing career, Harrison moved in the highest circles of art and culture with luminaries such as Arnold Schoenberg, Charles Ives, Merce Cunningham, and John Cage. But despite this rarified company, Harrison was forced to take on other jobs (variously working as a florist, animal nurse, and forest firefighter) to support his composing career. Outspoken, joyful and proudly gay, Harrison’s sexuality and candour were a huge part of his work. His collaboration with choreographer Mark Morris, featured prominently in the film, is a testimonial to his dedication to “delight over duty.” Eva Soltes’s film portrait features many of Harrison’s most influential works including Symphony On G, operas Rapunzel and Young Caesar, an opera based on a love affair between Julius Caesar and Nicomedes, King of Bithynea that incorporated same-sex passion, as well as elements from Chinese opera.