Connecting with Artists: Make a Gift

Help support a thriving digital future for artists and audiences at Music on Main.

It’s no secret that the pandemic continues to pose real challenges for live music. Shortened planning horizons, ever-changing public health guidelines, and an uncertain timeline for when normalcy may return continue to take their toll on artists and audiences.

Despite this, Music on Main continues to strive to create top-flight live and pre-recorded digital experiences that bring people together in support of shared experiences, and that enable artists to thrive.

But, these digital experiences also come at a significant expense: often, nearly 50 percent more than those associated with a traditional event.

Can you help create more opportunities for artists and audiences to connect?

When you express your generosity in support of a vibrant and robust digital future for Music on Main, you’re helping to keep artists and musicians working. And, you’re helping to ensure that – whenever things do finally return to normal – we’ll all still be here, continuing to “listen, together”.