The Kessler Academy 2021 performing on stage at The Playhouse

Looking Forward: Make a Gift

Help set the stage for Music on Main’s next fifteen years. 

Since its humble beginnings on Vancouver’s then-quiet Main Street, Music on Main has been all about moments where people can stop, take a breath, and listen, together to something beautiful and unexpected. 

As the 2021/22 season continues, Music on Main remains laser-focused on creating safe and memorable in-person and digital moments where people can experience great programming.  Over the past year, audiences have been transformed through inspiring performances. They’ve connected safely through inventive programming. And, through it all, artists have been centered, seen, and celebrated.

As we continue to reconnect, the future is taking shape at Music on Main! New opportunities for artists to innovate and create. Emerging platforms for new work to take shape and thrive. And, continued trust in the fact that your Music on Main experience will always be safe, welcoming, and exactly where you’re meant to be in the moment. 

Your generosity and care makes this journey possible.  Please, consider a gift of any amount today.