Listening. Together: Make a Gift

Help create a thriving future for Music on Main

The global pandemic has upended lives. It’s transformed how we live and work. It’s changed how we connect as human beings. 
But, it hasn’t changed why we seek connection. 

Human connection is what allows us to share experiences and perspectives. In doing so, we remind ourselves of an essential part of being alive.

Over the past year, despite its challenges, Music on Main has created opportunities for audiences and artists alike. Music on Main’s digital and in-person programming keeps artists working, and provides community for audiences.

But, creating high-quality video events represents a significant expense for presenters like Music on Main. The added costs of technical and production crew, along with specialized equipment, can increase costs of a digital musical event by as much as 50 percent over a traditional live performance.

Can you help keep the music playing during these challenging times by making a gift of any amount today?