Ben Brown playing cymbals on a table during a performance.

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a mover and shaker. As a drummer, Brown received a Juno Award with his group, Pugs and Crows. He is the founder of Music And Movement Mondays (MAMM) and the Conundrum Performance Series.

Currently, Ben Brown is exploring principles of sound felt in the body and researching a series of designed percussion instruments crafted by Roxanne Nesbitt. With these, he is trying to push the boundaries of drumming by using movement to communicate the energy of sound—helping an audience hear differently by creating and breaking expectations for a sound through gesture.

As a Drummer, Brown is a member of the Pugs and Crows, Cast, Malleus Trio and father/son duo Zen Dogs. In April 2013 he received a Juno Award for Best Instrumental Album of the year with the group Pugs and Crows.

Ben Brown regularly collaborates with Dancers and Choreographers and has worked with Katie Duck, Justine A. Chambers, Deanna Peters.

Brown is the Director and founder of Music And Movement Mondays (MAMM), an improvisational series for live musicians and dancers as well as Conundrum a performance series showcasing drummers in Vancouver, BC.

As a composer, he created scores for both Dance and Film, including commissioned works for Manuela Tessi, Areli Moran, Jamee Valin and The Western Front with U.K’s Szuper Gallery. These compositions have been featured at festivals in Vancouver, Amsterdam, Toronto and Mexico.


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