Diamanda La Berge Dramm

You have to know the rules before you break them.

That’s exactly what award-winning Dutch solo violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm does, incorporating kick drums, visual poetry, and sound effects into her performances – things you’d never expect from a solo violinist. Fusing technique with innovation, Diamanda possesses a unique ability to create “the illusion that her violin is a living organism” (NRC Handelsblad). She’s also broken new ground outside of violin, starring in the thriller radio play Deense Detective and serving as a founding member of Splendor, a bathhouse-turned-club for artists in the heart of Amsterdam.

Raised by world-class avant-garde and contemporary musicians, Diamanda is a top-flight violinist in her own right, and her work is an art form all its own. Diamanda’s studied at several top conservatories around the world and became the first ever soloist to win the Dutch Classical Talent Tour & Award in April 2018.

As Music on Main’s 2020 Artist in Residence, Diamanda will share her insights, experiences, and music during live performances and free events such as artist Q&As. She’ll also be working alongside composers Genevieve Murphy and Sabrina Schroeder (Music on Main’s 2019-2021 Composer in Residence) to create a new piece of music that will be performed in Holland and Canada.

We are thrilled to bring Diamanda to Vancouver. Don’t miss your chance to meet her at Music on Main.